In this message, as a part of the Acts of the [Only] Apostles sermon series, Pastor Jordan discusses the role of laymen, as taken from Aquila and Priscilla. As always, you can listen on SermonAudio or iTunes or you can click to listen below.

Sermon:The Role of Laymen

WHITEWASH The term, “whitewash,” means: to gloss over or cover up (such as vices or crimes) or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data. POLEMICS USE Like the term, “Canerize,” which is named after Ergun Caner and means to make something online disappear, “Whitewash” (capital […]

Polemics Term: Whitewash

From Acts of the [Only] Apostles sermon series, this message is taken from Acts 17:15-20. Paul goes to Athens, and the idols present in the city agitate his spirit. He then preaches to the idolaters. Topics covered include God’s hatred for idols, preaching to idolaters, and desiring to evangelize those […]

Sermon: His Spirit Was Provoked

**Notice** The first part of this audio message is missing. Blame the multi-media creative ministries team: IE the teenage girls in the sound booth (just kidding). This message is from Acts of the [Only Apostles] Sermon Series from Acts 17:10-15 on the topic of the Bereans. You can listen at […]

Sermon: The Bereans

From Acts of the [Only] Apostles sermon series, this message is taken from Acts 16:25-50 and the salvation and baptism of the Philippian jailer. Pastor Jordan also draws parallels between Paul and Silas and Obadiah Holmes. As always, you can listen at SermonAudio or iTunes, or listen by clicking below. […]

Sermon: Come Get Us Themselves

This message is from the Acts of the [Only] Apostles sermon series, taken from Acts 16. As Paul and Silas deliver a girl from her demons, they are taken to the jail for disturbing the peace. In this message, Pastor Jordan exhorts Christians to disturb the peace with the Gospel. […]

Sermon: Disturb the Peace

From Acts 15:1-11 in the Acts of the [Only] Apostles sermon series, this message deals with the topics of church authority in determining doctrine, the heresy of Judaizing, and Justification by Faith through Grace alone. As always, you can listen at SermonAudio or iTunes, or click to listen to audio […]

Sermon: They Gathered the Apostles and Elders

Overview Renatism is the belief that Jesus was Born Again. The doctrine teaches that because Jesus was imputed with our sin, He was spiritually dead and had to be born again. ​This doctrine often goes alongside the belief that Jesus went to Hell. Etymology Renatism is made up of the […]

Heresies: Renatism

DEFINITION Nuance is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as “a very small difference in color, tone, meaning, etc.” However, when the term is often used by leading evangelicals, the Polemical Definition is as follows: The ability to project vagueness on matters that are theologically clear in order to be more palatable […]

Polemics Terms: Nuance

Info Author: Bruce Wilkinson Year Published: 2000 Publisher: Multnomah PublishersTopic: Prayer Associated Groups: Word of Faith Movement, New Apostolic Reformation Heresies in This Book Osteenism Limited Theism Kenyonism  Review The Prayer of Jabez was a book written in the year 2000 by Bruce Wilkinson. The book was an instant hit, […]

Polemical Review: The Prayer of Jabez

ABOUT WHOM THIS IS WRITTEN This post was written to deal with the sub-Christian sect and organization known as “Abolish Human Abortion (AHA),” but can apply to virtually any number of such sects that fit the definition of “cult.” As time progresses and as our Lord tarries, many such cults […]

Cult Warning Signs

Limited Theism is a term used generally to define a belief in the God of the Christian Bible that limits any of his divine attributes. However, Limited Theism usually manifests itself in the particular belief that God is all-good, but that He is limited in power, denying his divine omnipotence. Usually, this […]

Heresies: Limited Theism

Love Wins is a book by sub-Christian Mystic, Rob Bell. The book widely is believed to have led to Bell’s departure from evangelicalism. After writing the book and leaving his church, Bell now focuses on surfing, poetry, and mysticism. HERESIES Heresies present within the book include (please click the links […]

Love Wins – A Polemical Review

Heresies Present Within this Book Mysticism Dual Covenant Theology Montanism Reviews Many respected scholars and evangelical leaders and polemicists have spoken out about the flatly unbiblical, mystic and astrological teachings of this book. Tim Challies Hagee misuses Scripture. Hagee routinely misuses Scripture as he draws out his prophecies. He appears […]

Four Blood Moons – A Polemical Review

Dual Covenant Theology, sometimes called “two Covenant theology” is a theological proposition that Jews (that is, the physical lineage of Abraham) can be redeemed through adherence to the Sinaitic Covenant (sometimes called the Mosaic Covenant) and Old Testament Law, whereas Gentiles are saved by the Covenant of Grace taught in […]

Heresies: Dual Covenant Theology

Heresies taught in this book: Montanism Mysticism Theoerosism Polemical Reviews More than several evangelical leaders, pastors, and polemicists have rung the bell of warning concerning Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. Below are excerpts of a few, with source links so you can research it further. Tim Challies Based on the […]

One Thousand Gifts – A Polemical Review

Heresies taught in this book (click the links to find out more) include: Montanism Mysticism  Reviews Before explaining why Heaven is For Real, in particular, teaches heresy, please take the time to watch this video from our friend, Justin Peters, discussing “Heaven Tourism.” Regarding Heaven is For Real, Pulpit & […]

Heaven is For Real – Polemical Review

Over the weekend, I enjoyed the fellowship of Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity and the Bible Thumping Wingnut guys at NorCal Fire. I’m also thankful for the hospitality of the brethren in the Bay area. Session 1: Modern Day Montanism – a Polemical Critique of the Charismatic Movement   […]

Video from NorCal Fire

Heresies taught in this book (please click links for explanation): Kenyonism Osteenism Montanism  Review Thank you for reading this. Itʼs important for you to take this for what it is, a biblical critique of the book you just bought, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full […]

Your Best Life Now – A Polemical Review

This is the weekend edition of the Polemics Report, as aired on terrestrial radio in select markets around the country. This weekend’s edition includes a warning about the ecumenism and doctrine of Greg Laurie. You can listen at SermonAudio or iTunes.

Weekend Edition

Theoerosism is one of the five heresies (along with Vinism , Kenyonism, Rauschenbuschism and Osteenism) coined by Polemics Report or its sister ministry, Pulpit and Pen. Theoerosism is named from two words in Greek, θεός and ἔρως, meaning God and love. ἔρως, however, is often used to describe an erotic type of love, and so […]

Heresies: Theoerosism

Although there are many varieties of mysticism, the sub-christian heresy is that mysticism common among purported Christians, also known as Christian Mysticism. Mysticism, as it may reveal itself in any religious tradition, is the attempt or practice of becoming one with a deity through meditation, ecstasy, altered consciousness, or another discipline […]

Heresies: Mysticism

Kenyonism is one of the five heresies (along with Vinism , Osteenism, Rauschenbuschism and Theoerosism) coined by Polemics Report or its sister ministry, Pulpit and Pen. Kenyonism is so named in the tradition after naming heresies for their founders or most prominent proponents. In this case, Kenyonism is named after the founder, E.W. […]

Heresies: Kenyonism (Word-Faith)

The heresy of Socinianism is named after its founder, Faustus Socinus (1539-1604) and gained popularity among the Polish Brethren and the Unitarian Church of Transylvania. Socinians had a number of heretical beliefs, including rejecting substitionary atonement, adopting and embracing Pelagianism, Arianism, and Open Theism. However, none of those heresies are unique to Socinianism. […]

Heresies: Socinianism

Rauschenbuschism is one of the five heresies coined by Polemics Report or its sister ministry, Pulpit & Pen (along with Vinism , Haginism, Osteensim and Theoerosism). Rauschenbuschism is so named in the tradition of naming heresies for their founders or most prominent proponents. In this case, Rauschenbuschism is named after Walter Rauschenbusch, who wrote […]

Heresies: Rauschenbuschism (Social Gospel)

Psilanthropism is a heresy that teaches Jesus was the product of a sexual union between two human parents. The word is a combination of  ψιλός and ἄνθρωπος, meaning “bare human.” Psilanthropism is a subset and close relative of Arianism, although Arianism usually contains some theistic influence (at least eventually) in their […]

Heresies: Psilanthropism

Osteenism is one of the five heresies (along with Vinism , Kenyonism, Rauschenbuschism and Theoerosism) coined by Polemics Report or its sister ministry, Pulpit and Pen. Osteenism is so named in the tradition after naming heresies for their founders or most prominent proponents. In this case, Osteenism is named after not […]

Heresies: Osteenism

The heresy of Pelagianism is named after its founder, Pelagius of the (354-420). Pelagius argued that Original Sin (the Fall of Mankind in Adam) did not so corrupt man’s nature that it left man incapable of choosing God and salvation without a special work of God in or through him. […]

Heresies: Pelagianism

The heresy of Patripassianism is synonymous with the heresy of modalism, and is called patripassianism from the  Latin patri and passio, meaning “father” and “suffer,” because the belief asserts that Christ was the incarnate God the Father who suffered for our sins. This term is used to describe the heresy in the […]

Heresies: Patripassianism