Sub-Christian Sects

  Christian Science is a cult that was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in the 19th century, built upon the premise in her 1875 book, Science and Health, that illness doesn’t technically exist and can be dispelled by prayer. Christian Science came on the tail end of the Restorationist Movement. […]

Christian Science

  Oneness Pentecostals are charismatics who deny the Holy Trinity, speaking of God in three manifestations (or modes) rather than persons. They practice the heresy of Modalism or Sabellianism. The modern movement sprouted out of the Montanism revival of 1906, and first came to the surface of American evangelicalism in […]

Oneness Pentecostals

Theonomy is a sub-Christian teaching that teaches that the Judicial Laws of ancient Israel (including Mosaic penology) are obligatory for all nations and peoples. Theonomy is not to be confused with theocracy, which is a government led by religious officials. Theonomy is not to be confused with adhering to the […]