Southern Baptists divert approximately four million dollars from missions every year to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Since the inauguration of ERLC president Russell Moore, that four million dollars has given Southern Baptists the return of a strong advocacy for a Mosque to be built in New Jersey, a softening […]

Southern Baptists’ Secret Animal Rights Agenda

The weekend edition of Polemics Report, as heard on terrestrial AM and FM radio. On this week’s episode, JD talks about articles about Pulpit & Pen by Bud Alheim and Jeff Maples, and covers topics about “Almost Christians,” Paula White at Trump’s inauguration and more. As always, you can listen […]

Podcast: Weekend Edition

You should keep watching, listening and reading WWUTT material. It’s pretty good. That being said, I’ve been wanting to add two cents to the recent discussion surrounding a brief but brusque soundbite on a recent WWUTT podcast. While critiquing Nabeel Qureshi’s affinity for Word-Faith and Montanist cult, Bethel Church Redding, […]

On WWUTT and the Dressing Down of Discernment

The weekend edition of Polemics Report, as heard on terrestrial AM and FM stations around the country in select markets. This week’s topic is the Salvation Army. Did you know it was a church? Do you support that church? As always, you can listen on SermonAudio or iTunes.

Podcast: Weekend Edition

On this episode of Polemics Report, JD answered a couple of sincere questions – some about social gospel in Reformed circles, the cessation of spiritual gifts, the difference between Presbyterian and Reformed Baptists when it comes to Covenant Theology. Then, JD talks about the “Connect316 Commercial” at SWBTS and then […]

Podcast: That Connect316 Commercial

In an age when evangelical chicanery and doctrinal downgrade pummels the church with its flourishing absurdities, many of us find shelter in those old doctrines known as Calvinism. For those of us who hold to the old truths of Paul that weaved their way through the Reformation and ironically came to be known as ‘Calvinism,’ […]

Why Being a Charismatic Calvinist Shouldn’t Be a Thing

FORWARD Why are we continuing to expose Clayton Jennings? When we began this endeavor, Jennings sent me a sizable amount of money (which I returned, calling it a bribe), and then one of Jenning’s “mentors” threatened to sue me. After it became clear that we wouldn’t relent, Jennings released a video with […]

Clayton Jennings: His Victim Speaks Up

  Over the weekend, I challenged Dr. Michael Brown to a debate. This isn’t the first time, as twice before I had reached tentative agreements to debate Brown on the tenets of Charismania. I have had numerous interactions with Brown, mostly emailing him to offer correction when he has repeatedly […]

Too Dangerous to Debate

I explained to you in April how Joel McDurmon abandoned the major tenets of theonomy, and how now he denies most of the argumentation he presented in our Theonomy Debate. Oddly enough, McDurmon still claims the title of “theonomist,” even while redefining the term. Sadly, some followers of McDurmon and […]

On Joel McDurmon’s Abandonment of Theonomy

Polemics Report will be offering advertising in exchange for carrying the financial burden of one radio station per month. Typically, it costs $130 per month, per radio station to carry the Polemics Report each week. In exchange for covering that full fee (as charged by the radio station itself), Polemics Report will […]

Advertising on the Polemics Report

ABOUT WHOM THIS IS WRITTEN This post was written to deal with the sub-Christian sect and organization known as “Abolish Human Abortion (AHA),” but can apply to virtually any number of such sects that fit the definition of “cult.” As time progresses and as our Lord tarries, many such cults […]

Cult Warning Signs

JD answers sincere questions and then focuses on the response to an article of Kevin DeYoung’s by a few ecclesiastical anarchists who repudiate the “institutional church.” JD points out that Jesus has built an institutional, organized church. You can listen on SermonAudio or iTunes. 

Podcast: Ecclesiological Anarchists

Over the weekend, I enjoyed the fellowship of Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity and the Bible Thumping Wingnut guys at NorCal Fire. I’m also thankful for the hospitality of the brethren in the Bay area. Session 1: Modern Day Montanism – a Polemical Critique of the Charismatic Movement   […]

Video from NorCal Fire

The first tracts from the Polemics Tracts Project are now available. HOW TO USE THEM Place these tracts in heretical books. When one begins to read the book, they’ll find the tract and – if God wills – they will use a QR reader on their mobile device (or will […]

Heretical Book Tracts

Orthodox Christians have reason to be concerned regarding the burgeoning fellowship of two groups of religious schismatics. In recent weeks, a new marriage between judaizers of the Mosaic Judicial Law (called by the abused misnomer, theonomists) and an anti-abortion group that’s known for the indiscriminate (and inexplicable) protesting of churches seems to have […]

A Warning: When Theonomy and AHA Collide

This is the weekend edition of the Polemics Report, as aired on terrestrial radio in select markets around the country. This weekend’s edition includes a warning about the ecumenism and doctrine of Greg Laurie. You can listen at SermonAudio or iTunes.

Weekend Edition

As a part of our Polemics Tracts project, we have created cards to place in heretical books that when scanned by a QR Reader will take the person to a website (or they can type in and will explain why that particular book is theologically troubling. The links will also […]

We Need Your Help

On this episode, JD answers sincere questions about Children’s Evangelism Fellowship, Beth Moore fanatics in the church, and more. Then, JD talks about the SBC Conference in which Andy Stanley was inexplicably invited by Russell Moore to talk about engaging the culture “without compromise,” in which he says he wants […]

Podcast: Andy Stanley Pretty Much Tired of the Bible

Since about 2012, Kirk Cameron seems to have associated closely with the Christian Reconstruction movement, being influenced by RJ Rushdoony, David Barton, Herb Titus and others, and distancing himself from the premillennialism of his Left Behind days. Christian Reconstruction, from which Charismatic Dominionism was spawned, intentionally seeks governmental solutions to spiritual […]

Kirk Cameron Joins with Cultist to Get Out Christian Vote

The grand poobah of the organization, Abolish Human Abortion, had some things to say about me and others (Joseph Spurgeon, James White, Tony Miano, Jon Speed). Those things include: …calling us “wicked, evil, totally screwed up, hateful, murderous men.” …saying we have “terrible, sycophantic eyes” …saying we have “done nothing […]

The Imprecatory Invocations of AHA

On this episode, JD answers sincere questions about the Sinner’s Prayer and “converses” with Paul Washer about it, about White-Durbin, and about the book, Pagan Christianity. JD also talks about the convicted terrorists (and reportedly born-again abolitionists) protesting the godly church in Texas. JD then discusses an article at the […]

Podcast: Sinner’s Prayer and Pagan Christianity