This message is from a short sermon series on worship, taken from Leviticus 10:1-11 and Nadab and Abihu’s death for taking strange fire into the temple. Topics covered include the Regulative Principle of Worship. As always, you can listen at SermonAudio or iTunes, or you can click to listen below. […]

Sermon: Strange Fire

This message is taken from Acts 16:11-15, and is a part of the Acts of the [Only] Apostles sermon series. The topics covered include regeneration and God’s sovereignty over salvation, dealing with the conversion of Lydia. As always, you can listen at SermonAudio or iTunes, or click to listen below. […]

Sermon: And God Opened Her Heart

Join us August 11th & 12th in Olmsted Falls OH. Register here. Rightly dividing the word of truth in a world where truth is unpopular can be a daunting task. The JudgeNot Conference purposes to help you learn why and how to rightly discern, approach and stand for the gospel […]

Judge Not Conference, August 11-12

The JudgeNot Conference purposes to help you learn why and how to rightly discern, approach and stand for the gospel in a world that says, “judge not!”  A few of the topics will include understanding apologetics and evangelism presented by a powerful cabinet of apologists and teachers. You may even know […]

The Judge Not Conference

This message comes from Acts 13:13-43 and the Acts of the [Only] Apostles sermon series. The message deals with Paul’s sermon to the synagogue in Antioch II, and pastor Jordan touches on the topics of preaching and hermeneutics, as taken from this passage. As always, you can listen online at […]

Sermon: That Which is Preached Every Week

On this episode of Polemics Report, JD plays a very excellent polemical review of the work of Tim Keller, who is a problematic leader in so-called “New Calvinism,” from the Semper Reformanda podcast and Tim Shaughnessy. As always, you can listen on SermonAudio or iTunes, or click to listen below. […]

Podcast: Concerns with Tim Keller

In this epsiode, JD plays part two of his conversation with Len Pettis. Topics including rounding out Eastern Orthodoxy, the importance and necessity of controversy, and his side of the conversation with Rich Pierce of AoMin. As always, you can listen on SermonAudio or iTunes, or click to listen below. […]

Podcast: More Convo with Len Pettis, Rich Pierce

Facutly at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary posed for the above photo, and Twitter has had a collective heart attack. Audible gasps could be heard around the world, as these faculty members apparently didn’t see the outrage as a predictable inevitability, and it was unwisely posted without an, ahem, trigger warning. […]

Five Things At SWBTS More Offensive Than This Photo

You’re a polemicist? But that means “argumentative.” And pastor’s aren’t supposed to be argumentative. Sigh. The modern evangelical pastor is perceived as a fleshly version of Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders rolled into one limp-wristed, pusillanimous invertebrate. We, speaking as a fellow pastor, have become the very reeds shaking in […]

A Pastor and a Polemicist?

An evangelical’s favorite Roman Catholic probably depends upon their political orientation. The Marxists have Pope Francis. Conservatives have our underdog mascot on the right, Matt Walsh. The latter has recently authored a book, The Unholy Trinity, and it’s every bit as colorful as it is insightful. The Unholy Trinity: Blocking […]

Book Review: The Unholy Trinity

On today’s episode of Polemics Report, JD discusses a new polemics term, an article from Charisma Mag about Satan invading worship music (which simultaneously promotes IHOP), and explains the Regulative Principle of worship. Then, JD answers sincere questions about complementarianism, head-coverings, and how to know when a child is ready […]

Podcast: How to Be a Theologian without Seminary

A sermon from Acts 11, on the prophesy of Agabus and the giving of the Antioch Church. This message explains what constitutes Biblical, New Testament giving. The tithe, as a principle, is reinforced. As always, you can listen SermonAudio or iTunes, or click to listen below.  

Sermon: New Testament Giving

Why do cats purr? Why do we wait until night to ‘call it day’? Why is Donald Trump’s skin orange? Why does Village Church ask an anti-complementarian, self-pronounced feminist English professor and animal rights activist (who says that abortion isn’t murder) questions relating to Christian ethics and firearm ownership? These are questions without good answers, […]

Village Church, Karen Swallow Prior, Say Guns Aren’t for Bad Neighborhoods

Feeling better about yourself by trying to get others to do something you should be doing actually has a name. In the polemics realm it is called “Vicarious Sanctification.” Etymology The term utilizes the term “vicarious” which means “in the place of,” a term that is often used to describe […]

Polemics Term: Vicarious Sanctification

In today’s experience-oriented, purpose-driven, emotion-laden evangelicalism, much polemical work remains to be done in the realm of proskyneology; a theology of worship. So much of theological Downgrade is done through worship, because worship is not rightly understood. As with all polemics terms, they are created in order to take mastery […]

Polemics Term: Proskyneology

Part of polemics is understanding what is proper theology and what is not. In fact, that’s most of polemics, and combined with “destroying lofty arguments and every opinion raised against the [true] knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:5), is the whole sum of polemics. Therefore, it would behoove the polemicist […]

The Regulative Principle for Dummies

On today’s program, JD talks about charismatic astral projection, answers sincere questions about the Campbellites, Landmarkism, the difference between Campbellites and Lutherans when it comes to baptismal regeneration, a suggested polemics term of “Vicarious Sanctification,” and then talks about Jory Micah starting a ‘church.’ Finally, JD discusses a good article […]

Podcast: Jory Micah Starts a ‘Church’

There is little difference between the modern Charismatic Movement and the Occult. One of the latest charismatic fads demonstrate this reality. “Christian Spiritual Travel” is a concept being popularized by various segments of Charismania. It is not uncommon to hear Charismatic teachers talk about their out-of-body experiences in which they […]

Charismatic Astral Projection and Soul Travel

SEEKER SENSITIVE Led by Bill Hybels and Willow Creek Community Church, the “Seeker Friendly Movement” developed as a means to help churches reach people not ordinarily inclined to religion. The concept is that there are “seekers” who are looking for something, and that their pursuit for that “something” than be […]

Polemics Term: Seeker Sensual

A bar owner was a practicing homosexual and anti-Christian in his sentiments. A number of prostitutes got saved and decided the best way to save him was to make him a cake and “anoint it.” “It was an anointed cake. The power of God hit him while he was eating […]

Anointed Cake Saves Man From Gayness

It is not uncommon for a polemics website or publication to post an article that is characterized as a “Hit Piece” by those who don’t like the article. Clarifying what is and is not a “Hit Piece” is important. WHAT IS A “HIT PIECE”? A Hit Piece, according to Urban […]

Polemics Term: Hit Piece

WHAT IS CULTURAL MARXISM The term Cultural Marxism, which is also known as multiculturalism (although the latter term has various meanings and implications), is a philosophy that is perhaps as old as 1919. According to William S. Lind, Cultural Marxism came into thought when the classical Marxist scheme did not […]

Polemics Term: Cultural Marxism

This Friday, revelers from across the western world will gather with their Irish friends, clad in green, to celebrate the “Patron Saint” of Ireland. Wherever the Irish diaspora can be found, you’ll be able to smell the wafting odor of corned beef, Guinness beer and hear the sound of raucous […]

Reclaiming Patrick for Protestants

When a church affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church rented a storefront in my small hometown in Montana, I spent several days researching and writing an in depth polemic against the sub-christian sect and shared it on my Facebook page. Nothing but a pdf of several dozen pages, the work […]

Book Review: Against Oneness Pentecostalism

Today is International Women’s Day. Ironically, tomorrow is National Barbie Day (the two seem unrelated and their proximity unfortunate). Yesterday was National Cereal Day. Everything’s got a day, I guess. Women across the country are protesting. What they’re protesting exactly seems unclear, but they’re protesting. And they want stuff. In Iceland, the […]

An Ode to Real Women on “A Day Without Women”

Today, Jack Graham will speak at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and a group of students plan a Baptist-style soft protest to demonstrate how entitled they think they are to his church’s money. Graham is pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, a Dallas-area megachurch that recently voted to escrow funds ordinarily designated to […]

NOBTS and the Bernie Sanders Generation

In this episode of Polemics Report, JD discusses an advice column from a pastoral leadership website that encourages pastors to “steal” other peoples’ sermons. He then plays a clip from Nabeel Qureshi, who says he saw Jesus in a vision and was told to give his baby a sponge bath. […]

Podcast: The Baby Sponge Bath Prophecy

The following was an article by Conrad Mbewe, on his blog, A Letter from Kabwata.    The tragedy on today’s ecclesiastical landscape is the number of heretics who are thriving inside evangelicalism. They are having a field day and hardly anyone is raising a voice against them. Behind closed doors […]

Conrad Mbewe On The Field of Polemics

As you saunter into church this Lord’s Day, please do not view yourself as a passive participant in God’s worship just because you are a passive recipient of God’s grace. In today’s church, too often have we viewed worship services as a spectator’s pastime. A highly choreographed worship band sings […]

Worshiping God by Listening to the Sermon