From Acts 3:11-16, this sermon is from the series, Acts of the [Only] Apostles. The sermon deals with Peter’s healing of the beggar at beautiful gate and how is was HIS faith and not the beggars, that was why God healed the man. As always, you can listen above […]

Sermon: Why Do You Stare At Us?

This is audio from the 1689 Conference, held by Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Indianapolis. Other speakers included Mike Waters, Sam Waldron and more. Here’s JD’s audio from the conference: Session 4 – Reigning Grace and Evangelism           Session 7 – Reigning Grace and Perseverance During […]

1689 Conference Audio

This message is from the sermon series, Acts of the [Only] Apostles and is taken from Acts 1:12-24. It deals with the subject of replacing Judas with Matthias, casting lots, and how God speaks to us. As always, you can listen above or download and listen from SermonAudio or iTunes […]

Sermon: And They Cast Lots