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  This sermon is a stand-alone message and comes from 1 Peter 2&3 and the topic of the spiritual house that is the Christian church. As always, you can listen above or download and listen from SermonAudio or iTunes by clicking the links below.

Sermon: A Spiritual House

On today’s program, JD discusses a “transgender” Missouri boy who is insisting on using the girl’s locker room, even though the school offered him a Karen Swallow Prior-style “refreshing and commonsensical” gender-neutral restroom. Then, he discusses Intelligentsia hypocrisy blaming Southern Baptist laypeople and pastors for the financial mismanagement at NAMB, […]

Podcast: Transgender Confusion and IMB Mismanagement

This sermon is from Acts 2, a stand-alone message preceding a baptismal service at Fellowship Church. The audio is much worse than normal, which we attribute to the gremlins that live in our sound and speaker system.

Sermon: Acts 2

In today’s episode of Pulpit & Pen, JD answers a few sincere questions and then plays audio from Albert Mohler discussing Openly Secular’s role in a football star “coming out of the closet” as an atheist – which his colleague, SEBTS President Danny Akin endorsed. Awkward. Then, JD discusses Hillsong’s […]

Podcast: Mohler Discusses Openly Secular – Awkward

This sermon is from Daniel 7 as a part of the 66 Gospels Sermon Series. A parallel is drawn between Cecil the Lion and our culture’s infatuation with that story and the Lion of Judah, tying in the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. As always, you can listen […]

Sermon: A Tale of Two Lions

On this program, JD endorses Chris Christie for President based on his stalwart conservatism. Not really; what JD does is compare Christie and Russell Moore and why what passes as “conservative” changes over time. As always, you can listen above or download and listen from SermonAudio or iTunes by clicking […]

Podcast: The Sliding Scale of American Evangelical Conservatism

On today’s program, JD discusses a number of topics. He answers a few sincere questions, one about catechism and another about Russell Moore and yet another about disciplining an elder. He then moves on to discuss Abraham Piper’s encouragement of criminal vandalism and takes a call-in from melanin-enriched pastor, Saiko […]

Podcast: SCOTUS Ruling