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I started Wilderness Radio in early 2015 to provide a 24/7 streaming radio network promoting Reformed Baptist preaching and quality podcasts. It has been available via streaming online and in an app for various platforms, like iOS and Android. We appreciate those who have listened faithfully to VWR for years […]

Adios, Wilderness Radio

In this message, Pastor Jordan addresses the circumcision of Timothy by Paul in Acts 16:1-6 and compares it to Paul’s refusal to circumcise Titus in Galatians 2. Topics cover legalism and Christian Liberty. As always, you can listen below or by going to SermonAudio or iTunes.

Sermon: Why Was Timothy Circumcised?

This is a sermon from the Judge Not Conference, on the topic of “judging” as taken from Matthew 7 and a systematic theology of discernment. Is discernment ministry Biblical? Is it a sin to judge? Should discernment stay within the local church? Watch and share. You can also watch and […]

Is Discernment Ministry Biblical? Video Released