Podcast: The ‘Bazooka’ of Bluntness vs Nuance and Unclarity

On this episode, JD reviews a clip of Dr. James White complaining that Jeff Maples’ article at P&P about Hank Hanegraaff was a “bazooka” and “nuclear bomb” (IE too blunt), “poisoned the discussion,” and more. JD points out that Dr. White’s words regarding Hanegraaff were taken by the press to mean that Hanegraaff had not left the faith, and he uses that to explain why bluntness is sometimes better than nuance. JD reviews a anti-Calvinism article from Leighton Flowers that very explicitly denies the fifth Sola, and then reviews Hank Hanegraaff’s clip in which he talks about Pulpit & Pen and claims his beliefs haven’t changed. He also explains chrismation and more on Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, and Penal Substitionary Atonement.

As always, you can listen online at SermonAudio or iTunes, or listen by clicking below.

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