Daily Archives: January 24, 2017

Southern Baptists have been giving the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) approximately four million dollars a year. Along with promoting a radical animal rights agenda, commissioning research fellows who don’t think abortion is murder, and marginalizing SBC influence among the executive branch of government, ERLC president, Russell Moore advocated […]

IMB Trustee Resigns in Protest of SBC’s Mosque-Gate

We had the opportunity to interview Conrad Mbewe on the topic of polemics and charismania. Mbewe agrees that polemics is a very important field, and even discussed the possibility of a department and chair of polemics at his university. We are thankful to see polemics again rise to a level […]

Conrad Mbewe on Polemics

JD records this episode live from G3 and co-hosts with Tim Hurd and Len Pettis, speaks with Phil Johnson about acts of Providence and Grace often claimed by charismatics to be “prophecy,” and tries to de-brainwash Len Pettis of his Continuationism. As always, you can listen on SermonAudio, iTunes or […]

Podcast: From G3, Phil Johnson, and More