Full List of News Links On Spiritual Abuser and Womanizer, Clayton Jennings

Clayton Jennings, who used his spiritual influence to talk many women into bed, who gave them alcohol to lower their inhibitions, commit fornication, and cover up the affair with the abortion pill – all between preaching engagements – is seeking a return to ministry after rejecting the counsel of his elders and spiritual mentor, Tony Nolan. Below you will find a comprehensive list of sites covering this story.


Blake Reynolds, Clayton Jennings and Capturing Weak Women – Pulpit & Pen 

Clayton Jennings Capturing Weak Women, the Saga ContinuesPulpit & Pen 

Celebrity Preacher, Clayton Jennings: Sex, Alcohol and the Morning After PillPolemics Report

Clayton Jennings: His Admission, New Victims, and FAQPolemics Report 

Clayton Jennings Downplays Sex Before Marriage as “A Long Time Ago” – Pulpit & Pen 

Disgraced Evangelist, Clayton Jennings, Enlists Tony Nolan for Dramatic Apology VideoPulpit & Pen

Podcast: Clayton Jennings and mentor, Tony Nolan discussed – Polemics Report 

After Victim Comes Forward, Clayton Jennings Postpones Events but Plans ComebackPolemics Report 

Celebrity Preacher Loses ‘License’ After Wooed Women Come Forward Citing Sex, Booze and Morning After PillChristian News Network 

Evangelist Clayton Jennings Steps Away from Ministry After Multiple Sex Partners Come ForwardThe Christian Post 

Evangelist Clayton Jennings Steps Down After Sex ScandalThe Gospel Herald 

Clayton Jennings Confesses to Sin While in MinistryCharisma News

Podcast: Clayton Jennings and the Reformed Pub – Polemics Report 

Clayton Jennings: His Victim Speak UpPolemics Report 

Revoked, Clayton Jennings Loses Ministry License Pulpit & Pen 

Clayton Jennings: Another Victim Tells Her Story (No, Another One)Polemics Report

Clayton Jennings Ends Restoration Process, Says Mentor, Tony NolanPolemics Report

Mentor in ‘Confessions Video’ Announces Celebrity Preacher Ends ‘Renewal Process’ from Sex ScandalChristian News Network 

After Sexual Misconduct, Clayton Jennings Leaves Renewal ProcessCharisma News 

Clayton Jennings Sex Scandal Update: Jennings Ends Renewal Process with Mentor, Tony NolanGospel Herald 

Evangelist and Spoken Word Artist Clayton Jennings Leaves Renewal Process with Tony Nolan in Favor of Secular AdviceBlack Christian News 

Clayton Jennings Refuses to Repent for His Actions; Walks Out on His MentorHello Christian

Clayton Jennings and the Demise of a Fallen MinistryPulpit & Pen 

Clayton Jennings: Sex, Money and Coverup – the Story from Beginning to EndPulpit & Pen 

While Publisher Pulls Book, Clayton Jennings Posts Comeback VideoPolemics Report

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