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On today’s program, JD answers sincere questions about the Sabbath, an upcoming Christian movie, a seeming contraction in the Bible, and the means of grace. JD also talks about two issues relating to his discussion on cessationism with Matt Slick, talks about heretic, William Branham, and the Catholic Church interpreting […]

Podcast: On Prophecy

The Weekend Edition of Polemics Report, as it airs on terrestrial radio in select markets. This weekend’s episode focuses on Andy Stanley’s dismissal of the importance of the Virgin Birth and JD discusses churches canceling church for Christmas. As always, you can listen on SermonAudio.

The Weekend Edition

The weekend edition of Polemics Report, as heard on terrestrial AM and FM stations around the country in select markets. This week’s topic is the Salvation Army. Did you know it was a church? Do you support that church? As always, you can listen on SermonAudio or iTunes.

Podcast: Weekend Edition

On this episode of Polemics Report, JD answered a couple of sincere questions – some about social gospel in Reformed circles, the cessation of spiritual gifts, the difference between Presbyterian and Reformed Baptists when it comes to Covenant Theology. Then, JD talks about the “Connect316 Commercial” at SWBTS and then […]

Podcast: That Connect316 Commercial