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Eternal Progression is a doctrine unique to Mormonism, which teaches that men can eternally progress to the state of godhood. Eternal Progression is taught by the LDS that the process begins as the spiritual children of God in the “preexistence” and then continues throughout life on Earth and afterward. Through […]

Heresies: Eternal Progression

Adoptionism (also called Dynamic Monarchianism), is a subset of non-Trinitarianism that holds that Jesus was a mere mortal man, and that he was “adopted” as God’s Son at some point in his earthly life, usually at his baptism. The synods of Antioch and Nicea rejected Adoptionism, and it is a […]


Overview Renatism is the belief that Jesus was Born Again. The doctrine teaches that because Jesus was imputed with our sin, He was spiritually dead and had to be born again. ‚ÄčThis doctrine often goes alongside the belief that Jesus went to Hell. Etymology Renatism is made up of the […]

Heresies: Renatism

On today’s program, JD explains Pelagianism, and then uses a clip from Steve Gaines (who claims Paul was NOT converted on the road to Damascus) to explain Semi-Pelagianism. Then, JD reads an email from a listener mad over his criticism of Joyce Meyer, then talks about the state of Christian […]

Podcast: Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism