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Polemics Report will be offering advertising in exchange for carrying the financial burden of one radio station per month. Typically, it costs $130 per month, per radio station to carry the Polemics Report each week. In exchange for covering that full fee (as charged by the radio station itself), Polemics Report will […]

Advertising on the Polemics Report

DEFINITION Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “Relevant” as 1) having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand, b)  affording evidence tending to prove or disprove the matter at issue or under discussion (c )  having social relevance. However, when used in evangelicalism, it carries the polemical definition of the following: Inherent coolness*; being trendy and […]

Polemics Terms: Relevant

DEFINITION Nuance is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as “a very small difference in color, tone, meaning, etc.” However, when the term is often used by leading evangelicals, the Polemical Definition is as follows: The ability to project vagueness on matters that are theologically clear in order to be more palatable […]

Polemics Terms: Nuance

DEFINITION The Evangelical Intelligentsia are those who purport to be smarter or more distinguished academically than most local church leaders. Typically, the Evangelical Intelligentsia consists of those not in exclusive ministry to local churches, serving instead academic institutions or parachurch ministries. HISTORY Peter Berger coined that phrase in The Emerging Evangelical […]

Polemics Terms: Evangelical Intelligentsia

Deconstruction is a common tactic among many cults or sub-Christian sects. Common among the Emergent Church, Sectarian Minimalists and Restorationists in particular, the error is not confined to them and permeates the thinking of many who deny the validity of Historic Theology. Most post-modern theology engages in some degree of […]

Polemics Terms: Deconstruction

On this episode of Polemics Report, JD handles a number of sincere questions about the “Closed Brethren” denomination, the Scolfield Bible and other topics. Then, he discusses “Behavioral Heresy,” Pastor Appreciation and more As always, you can listen at SermonAudio or iTunes.

Podcast: What is a Behavioral Heretic?