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Info Author: Bruce Wilkinson Year Published: 2000 Publisher: Multnomah PublishersTopic: Prayer Associated Groups: Word of Faith Movement, New Apostolic Reformation Heresies in This Book Osteenism Limited Theism Kenyonism  Review The Prayer of Jabez was a book written in the year 2000 by Bruce Wilkinson. The book was an instant hit, […]

Polemical Review: The Prayer of Jabez

Please note: Restorationism is not a heresy that puts one outside of Christianity per se, but it is an exceedingly dangerous sub-Christian teaching. DEFINITION Restorationism – sometimes known a Primitivism – became a prominent heresy in 19th Century America, although its roots have exposed themselves periodically throughout history. The movement […]

Sub-Christian Teachings: Restorationism