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Manichaeism is the name of a false religion within wider Eastern Mysticism. Elements of this religion, however, exist as a sub-Christian heresy popular in certain circles. Within Christianity, Manichaeism teaches that good and evil (or God and Satan) have equal power and authority.

Heresies: Manichaeism

Limited Theism is a term used generally to define a belief in the God of the Christian Bible that limits any of his divine attributes. However, Limited Theism usually manifests itself in the particular belief that God is all-good, but that He is limited in power, denying his divine omnipotence. Usually, this […]

Heresies: Limited Theism

Sectarian Minimalism is a heretical sub-christian sect consisting of professing believers in Jesus, but who minimalize, repudiate, or neglect the local church. Sectarian Minimalism manifests itself in many Christian traditions, and typically leads to great harm both among its adherents and also to churches where it has taken root. Sectarian […]

Heresies: Sectarian Minimalism