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JD answers sincere questions and then focuses on the response to an article of Kevin DeYoung’s by a few ecclesiastical anarchists who repudiate the “institutional church.” JD points out that Jesus has built an institutional, organized church. You can listen on SermonAudio or iTunes. 

Podcast: Ecclesiological Anarchists

Love Wins is a book by sub-Christian Mystic, Rob Bell. The book widely is believed to have led to Bell’s departure from evangelicalism. After writing the book and leaving his church, Bell now focuses on surfing, poetry, and mysticism. HERESIES Heresies present within the book include (please click the links […]

Love Wins – A Polemical Review

Universalism (Universalism) is the doctrinal heresy that all people will be redeemed to God, and that all people will saved eternally. The term itself developed in 1820 in association with the Christian Universalist ‘Church’ that was founded a few decades before. Not all Universalists are a part of that denomination, […]

Heresies: Universalism

Annihilationism, sometimes called “destructionism” or “extinctionism” is the theological proposition that there is no “hell” awaiting the unbeliever, at least not that can be defined as “eternal conscience torment” (which is the Biblical, historic and orthodox understanding of hell. Sometimes the heresy takes the form of “conditional immortality,” which teaches […]

Heresies: Annihilationism

Heresies Present Within this Book Mysticism Dual Covenant Theology Montanism Reviews Many respected scholars and evangelical leaders and polemicists have spoken out about the flatly unbiblical, mystic and astrological teachings of this book. Tim Challies Hagee misuses Scripture. Hagee routinely misuses Scripture as he draws out his prophecies. He appears […]

Four Blood Moons – A Polemical Review

Dual Covenant Theology, sometimes called “two Covenant theology” is a theological proposition that Jews (that is, the physical lineage of Abraham) can be redeemed through adherence to the Sinaitic Covenant (sometimes called the Mosaic Covenant) and Old Testament Law, whereas Gentiles are saved by the Covenant of Grace taught in […]

Heresies: Dual Covenant Theology