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Heresies taught in this book: Montanism Mysticism Theoerosism Polemical Reviews More than several evangelical leaders, pastors, and polemicists have rung the bell of warning concerning Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. Below are excerpts of a few, with source links so you can research it further. Tim Challies Based on the […]

One Thousand Gifts – A Polemical Review

Heresies Taught Modalism* * Please note, it is hard to define the actual heresies taught in The Shack, because the storyline seems confused and disjointed. While Modalism is the closest of the classical heresies that can be ascribed to the book, it teaches a general misunderstanding of the Holy Trinity. […]

The Shack – A Polemical Review

Heresies taught in this book (click the links to find out more) include: Montanism Mysticism¬† Reviews Before explaining why Heaven is For Real, in particular, teaches heresy, please take the time to watch this video from our friend, Justin Peters, discussing “Heaven Tourism.” Regarding Heaven is For Real, Pulpit & […]

Heaven is For Real – Polemical Review