Monthly Archives: May 2016

  On today’s program, JD answers a question about contextualizing the Gospel, then a tip from the email about the Vineyard Church encouraging unrepentant LGBTQXYZLMNOP to the Communion Table. Then, some on Spurgeon’s affinity for Calvinism, immigration law, and evangelical leaders soon meeting with Trump. As always, you can listen […]

Podcast: Hating the LGBT at the Lord’s Table

  On today’s program, JD answers three sincere questions about a wife who doesn’t believe in complementarianism, being Calvinist but not Reformed, and “transitional pastors” and the relationship to poor ecclesiology. Then, he discusses an article from Joel Rainey about “vision” and the community’s felt needs being important to church […]

Podcast: Kardashian Christianity

  From Acts 3:11-16, this sermon is from the series, Acts of the [Only] Apostles. The sermon deals with Peter’s healing of the beggar at beautiful gate and how is was HIS faith and not the beggars, that was why God healed the man. As always, you can listen above […]

Sermon: Why Do You Stare At Us?

  On today’s program, JD discusses Ed Stetzer’s resignation from Lifeway, 100 United Methodist clergy members coming out of the sodomy closet, and a bit on John Knox. Then, JD discusses an article about Keller’s staff member approving of homosexuality (and a word of caution concerning it) and then plays […]

Podcast: Discerning Tim Keller

  On this special episode, JD lets Alan Maricle explain AHA and Church Repent and their actions toward a Southern Baptist Church that has acted deceitfully in defending their deacon building an abortion clinic. Then, he plays a sermon of his on abortion entitled, “Sing a Little Louder.” As always, […]

Podcast: AHA and Church Repent

  On this episode of Polemics Report, JD discusses a recent article by non-theonomist Joel McDurmon and the “New Age” of theonomy, which is declared defeat of the Old Theonomy. Then, JD discusses the Reformed Pub and defends Abolish Human Abortion and explains the lies of Yarbrough and Sons and […]

Podcast: Calvinism and an Arranged Marriage

On this episode of Polemics Report, JD discusses first Dwight McKissic’s resolution that the SBC repudiate the Confederate Flag. Then, he addresses Thabiti’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, after he dismissed charges he promoted Bernie Sanders and attacked Phil Johnson for claiming he had experienced “missions drift.” It turns out, Johnson […]

Podcast: Thabiti Endorses Hillary

  On this weekend edition, JD addresses Jonathan Cahn’s new book promising revealed mysteries and then the topic of free will, and the fact that it doesn’t exist. As always, you can listen above or you can download and listen from SermonAudio or iTunes.

Weekend Edition: 05-08-16

  On this episode of P&P, JD corrects a line from a previous sermon, announces the birth of his daughter, Haddon, and then goes on a long rant about Donald Trump and the parallel between low-information, non-conservative voters that would vote for a fascist like Trump and evangelicals who aren’t […]

Podcast: Applying Polemics to Donald Trump